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Published: 2017-03-06

Version: 5.4.2
Published: 2011-12-15

Hudební software

Hudební software Zpěvníkátor a Notoeditor v češtině.

DatAdmin supports a big variety of database connection methods. On of the most suprising is ability to connect to MySQL behind a firewall. This is a perfect solution for people which must use phpMyAdmin, because their webhoster doesn't allow direct connection to a database server.


DatAdmin contains small PHP application, which serves like a proxy between DatAdmin and MySQL database server. After you upload this PHP file to your web hosting, you can connect to database server visible from this PHP file. DatAdmin sends SQL queries to this PHP file via HTTP POST, this PHP se resends queries to database, and than formats query result to HTTP response.

How to setup database connection

At first, upload file datunnel_mysql.php to your web. In standard installation, this file is located in folder c:\Program Files\DatAdmin\files\ . When you see this script in your internet browser, you will see something like following:

In DatAdmin, create new MySQL conection (File menu/Connect), select standard MySQL connection:

On tab connection, fill connection parameters. These parameters will be used from datunnel_mysql.php file. So in case, that php script is on the same machine as database server, Host should be "localhost" or "".

When you need work only wityh one database, it is better to fill also name of this database - you will have simplier access to it, also it can prevent many problems with rights.

On tab Tunnelling, check "Use Tunnel" and fill URL of your PHP tunnel file. Now you should be able normally to work with database server.