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Data synchronization feature can be used, when we have primary and secondary data source (eg. table), which should contain the same data. Data synronization automatically updates target table so that it contains the same data as source table.

Job of data synchronization can contain more tables, order of tables can be explicitly defined. Also there is posibility to switch off foreign key checking (this is neccessary if there are circular references using foreign keys in tables).

Synchronization source can be:

Target of data synchronization must be table. Both source and target can have defined WHERE condition (restiction) and also columns affected by synchronization can be defined (projection).

How it works

Data synchronization by DATADMIN is effective, with optimalization of used bandwidth. For compare data, MD5 hashes are used. Update phase generates UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE commands on target table (you can disable any of this command, than synchronization can eg. only add new records (if UPDATE and DELETE are disabled). If difference in row is detected, whole row, except from synchronization key, is updated.

Synchronization key

Synchronization key is combination of columns, which is used for identifying and pairing columns in source and target table. This key should be unique on row set after applying WHERE condition. If synchronizing whole tables (without WHERE restriction), the simplest way is to use primary key.

When synchronization key different from primary key is useful? Eg. when we have table with autoincrement column as primary key, and unique column is present in table, we can set this unique column as synchronization key. (Autoincrement primary key must be of course excluded from synchronization).

Data synchronization between different dabase engines

Data synchronization between different database engines is also possible, but there are some restrictions:

DatAdmin Data Syncrhonization

Data synchronization window

DatAdmin - Defining Data Synchronization Report

Defining reports - information report sent to e-mail

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