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This is what people say about DatAdmin...

We have used a number of different Database administration tools for MySQL -
SQL etc but DatAdmin is by far the best one to date.

It is extremely fast - even with a lot of data to search through, not
overcomplicated - so none technical people can use it without having to
spend hours trying to work it out. In fact, once installed you are up and
running and changing data to your database within minutes.

The service helpdesk is fast and efficient, and when we suggested a couple
of options we thought would be very useful to the software it was
implemented within a couple of weeks! No other software company has ever
been THAT good!

This is a powerful database administration tool, and every company should be
using it! It makes life a lot easier.


Brian Hoolahan

CEO, File-Reg International


International registration service for intellectual property, legal
documents, R&D documents, radio & television formats, scripts, business
plans, design drafts, in fact all types of computer files protected with the
help of digital fingerprinting, time stamping and certificates.




I'd just like to say thank you so much for an excellent application!

Having spent several hours trying to migrate a horrible SQL Server Express database to SQLite (or anything else for that matter) with very little or partial success, I came across DatAdmin in Google (after hiding some of the nasty alternative products in the search options). I almost cried with joy when the entire database, structure and data, copied painlessly to SQLite using the wizard and in just a few moments.

I shall be recommending DatAdmin in the future to anyone searching for a cross-database admin tool, and will be looking forward to seeing how the Linux version comes along.

Many thanks again!

Sam Lown