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Published: 2011-12-15

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Hudební software Zpěvníkátor a Notoeditor v češtině.

Are you satisfied with DatAdmin Personal, but want a little more?

Below there are listed 6 most important reasons, why you should consider purchasing DatAdmin Professional:

Reason 1 - query designer

If you are not SQL guru or you have no tables of your database in your head, query designer helps you quickly create complex queries. DatAdmin has upper-standard features, like addin related tables by clicking on foreign key column or condition builder allowing complex conditions.

Reason 2 - master/detail views feature

Master/detail views is very handy feature, which is rarely supported by database tools. It allows view and modify data in tables, which are in relation 1:N. (see documentation). DatAdmin combines it with own concept of table perspectives (documentation), which makes work with related data much more powerful.

Reason 3 - database modelling, diagram designer

You can create database models (documentation) with nice styled diagrams (documentation) without database connection (models are stored in XML files on your computer). Than you can easily generate SQL script creating database from your model.

Reason 4 - saving & scheduling jobs

This feature allows you save and schedule jobs like database/table exports/imports/copy. Scheduler uses own Windows Service, which is more reliable solution for these jobs than using standard Windows Scheduler. Scheduled jobs can bu run also from DatADmin command-line interface.

Reason 5 - efficient support

Support is fast and effective, is done by the some people, which developes DatAadmin software. We also welcome any suggestions to improve our software, often we implement these suggestions within couple of weeks.

Reason 6 - good price

Thanks to effective architecture and development we can offer you lower price than our competitors. Price of DatAdmin Professional is 42 EUR/USD 59.

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