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Version: 6.4.1
Published: 2017-03-06

Version: 5.4.2
Published: 2011-12-15

Hudební software

Hudební software Zpěvníkátor a Notoeditor v češtině.


DbGate - master/detail view

DbGate web is moved to dbgate.org. DbGate is now developed as opensource in github. Version on this web is not maintained..

DbGate is multi-platform web-based data management console. Currently are supported following databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL. It offers modern and effective tools for effective work with database.
It is also available as standalone application for Windows operating system.

Working with data

View or edit your data. Use easy-to-use quick filters. Explore master/detail relations. Search works also in query results.

Database expolorer & administration

Quick database explorer. Displaying up-to-date structure. Quick search between tables, view, procedures, functions and columns.

Query designer

Build queries using drag & drop tables. It provides great help for beginners with creating simple JOINs. It is alsi suitable for advanced users, they can use it for very quick and effective creating skeleton of complex queris. Design SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE queries. Support for very useful EXISTS and NOT EXISTS joins.

Run both on docker or on Windows!

Run on any operating system using Docker platform. DbGate is available on public docker repository. If you are not familiar with Docker or you prefer Windows version, please read How to install section.
DbGate is distributed as freeware.