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Data Browser tutorial

This article shows some advanced features of data browser. Assume following database model:

If we open a table Album, default view looks like following:


As you can see, apart from columns of "Album" table, lookups to column Artist.Name is shown.
The next image shows filtering capabilities. We are filte5ring all rows, which Title begins with "Black".

To set filters, you can use prepared dialogs. or you can write complex filter expression on your own.

Adding referenced columns

Often there is need to display column of referenced table. DbMouse shows lookups, but there is not possibility to use these lookups in quick filters, also only one column from table is used as lookup column. You could add any referenced column to display, as shown in following dialog:

We have added column Name froim table Artist, after confirming dialog table view looks like following:

We have create our custom column layout. Next time, I will show how to use more complicated column layouts and master/detail views.