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Data duplicator tutorial

Data duplicator is unique DbMouse tool allowing to copy or duplicate related data. It is binded with data relation tools allowing finding related rows, data duplicator can the insert in other database, preserving relations between copied objects.

Obtaining dataset

First step is to obtain related data. There are several ways to obtain this:

Obtain dataset using related rows dialog

In data view, select rows with related rows and choose "Find related rows" in context menu.

In dialog, click "Load missing" utton for loading all missing dependencies. The click "Save to local DB" to open dataset in local database.

Using data duplicator

Data duplicator must be invoked from local database. All tables in local database, which are named equaly as table names in current database, are imported. Relations from current database are persisted. In Local DB ribbon, choose "Data duplicator". In data duplicator. "Run" button imports (duplicates) data into current database, "Generate SQL" button generates SQL script for inserting duplicated data.

Local database.

Data duplicator