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Data Widgets introduction

Data widgets is new functionality available in PRO edition, released in versions 2.3.4 (BETA) and 2.4.0 (RELEASE). Data widgets are set of widgets (user interface elements displaying data). Each widget is displaying result of query. Query can depend on parameters and on underlying object primary key.

Columns widget

The simplest widget is widget showing all values of all column in current row. This widget is supported by default, it is available in "Object lookup" tool, as in following screenshot.

Custom widgets

You can create custom widget, which shows some details from table row. It is available in table context menu.

Widget designer is started. In this designer, you can write your SQL command, which is executed, when widget data are required. SQL command is dependend on variable @value, which is filled with value of primary key column.

By default, the predefined query returns the some result as "Columns" widget. In fact, columns widget is implemented with this query.

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[Customer] where [CustomerId]=@value

We have a little bit modified this query. We have displayed only some colums, there are grouped by category (ID, Names). The result you can see in "Preview" pane.

select 'ID' as SetGroup
SELECT CustomerId FROM [dbo].[Customer] where [CustomerId]=@value
select 'Names' as SetGroup
SELECT FirstName, LastName FROM [dbo].[Customer] where [CustomerId]=@value

Widget types

DbMouse supports 3 types of widgets:

Datawidget can be also parametrized with following types of parameters:

Object browser

The most complex feature of data widgets is object browser. It composes together widgets showing data from the some source.

This screen shows composition of threee widgets (Columns, Map, Grid). Theere is available navigation between records (sequentially, or directly by writing primary key value).